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Malaysian Girls Dating Guide

Your personal tutorial on approaching a Malaysian 

It’s impossible to enjoy breathtaking beauty of Malaysia and get past gorgeous local women. They are really charming and cute with their flawless skin, intense dark eyes, clean-cut features, sweet dimples, and sensual lips. They have incredible bodies, slim but sexy, a bit childish yet feminine. They are very warm, caring, tender, obedient and diligent in pleasing their man. That’s why many consider them to be perfect women.


If you used to think that Asian women are easy to buy with the gifts and cash, re-consider that when you think about Malaysian girls. They are often from successful and generous families and they live in a successful rich country. So you need something more than a chocolate bar and fifty dollars if you want their attention. They are usually sincere in liking a man but they don’t want to make a step backward in social and financial meaning. They want to make sure you’re financially stable and secure although they won’t beg for your money. If they do, you are probably dealing with a professional gold-digger so stay away.

Many of them are modest though and don’t pretend on anything at all, being a faithful and almost silent companion to their man.

However, it’s understandable that you are going to pay the bills when you go out as Malaysian girls are very far from European and American emancipation. Their social standards and traditions put all the responsibility and leadership on a man. These girls are normally cherished by their fathers so they got used to be protected by a man.

There is another potential danger in Malaysia though –ladyboys are extremely popular and common there. Sometimes you can recognize them immediately and sometimes you simply don’t see any difference. In this case just keep on observing and you’ll understand whether this person’s manners and voice differ from typical female assets. For meeting decent and trustworthy girls, it’s better to avoid the nightclubs and search during the day time.

In fact, Malaysian girls are in need of true men as there is a tendency of less manly men in last decades. It cannot be improved by the strict education or old traditions as it’s simply in fashion nowadays.

Although Malaysian girls are fairly submissive, you’ll be surprised how honest and straight-forward they are. They don’t make you guess their real wants like if you were a clairvoyant. They manage to always let you know about their feelings and thoughts staying absolutely polite and respectful. If women of all other nationalities had this kind of tact, the world would turn into a paradise.

There are several ethnic groups in Malaysia so you should find out to which group your chosen one belongs. Then you quickly learn about her mentality on the Internet and act accordingly. Chinese Malaysians are the easiest to approach, not to mention they are prettiest ones.

All of Malaysian girls have something in common, they don’t play games like European or American women. They are so honest that it hurts, and it goes without saying that you will be honest with them as well. They will be greatly surprised and confused if the opposite happens.

Even if you managed to have a fling or date a Malaysian girl, you still should remember that she’s a Muslim. What it means: she’ll be secretive about all your intimate moments and dating you in general. They would do anything to behave properly and keep up appearances. It’s not good to hold hands or kiss on the streets of Malaysia. If you like showing affection on a public, it’s not your country for sure. You should either compromise that part or switch to another place of search.

If there’s a tiny possibility that you can marry a Malaysian girl, she will do her very best for you and you will feel like a king. Her parents will become your best friends and you will never find a more hospitable place than their house. However, having other plans from your side will make things complicated as Malaysian girls aren’t created for break up. It’s always painful for them as they quickly get attached to you and dream about a common future. They are usually far from revenge or jealous behavior. They are so sensitive and non-spoiled, it’s better to respect their feelings and create the distance in advance. It’s one of special traits of being with a Malaysian girl.